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Card Game Terminology

Video Games praised Casino Royale (Video Blackjack) in , calling it "the best card game, from blackjack to bridge, made for any TV-game system" and a. Card games and card-playing Terms Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. › journal.

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I've been obsessed with learning and playing Skat recently. I have a German app for the game which has the players speaking German. It begins with short chapters on the history of playing cards and on playing-card and card game terminology. The main part of the book provides descriptions of Excerpt: The following is a glossary of poker terms used in the card game of poker. It supplements the Glossary of card terms. Besides the terms listed here, there.

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Playing Card Terminology

For example, in Hearthstone, there is a draw phase, where you draw a card, an action phase, where you perform actions, and an end phase, where the end of the turn actions occurs.

In Magic it is more complicated. It has untap, upkeep, draw, main, attack, main, discard, end as their different phases.

Ping : Doing one single point of damage to a single target Playset : This refers to a set of the same card, with the count being the max amount allowed in 1 deck.

For example, in Magic the Gathering, you are allowed 4 cards of the same name in your deck. So having 4 Lightning Bolt would mean having a playset of Lightning Bolt.

This restriction is usually dropped for Limited style games. Ramp ing : Increasing your max mana resources. In general, it is this is increasing the resource that you in are using Resources : In general terms, this is what is being used to play cards.

In some games, it is favored as mana, and in others, gold. Sealed : A form of Limited gameplay where you are given a certain amount of un-opened packs and make a deck from just those cards.

Scoop : Surrendering a game. It is the action of scooping up all your played cards first since you no longer want to play.

Abstract games are focused on having solid rules and mechanics. A pool, or limited number, of points that a player can spend to take a variety of different actions.

A type of player who takes lead or control of decisions, tells other people how to play, and often disregards other peoples suggestions. Most commonly found in Cooperative Games.

Also known as Amerithrash, Ameritrash games are an American style of board game that focuses on theme while also usually having a fair amount of luck involved.

Often referred to AP, Analysis Paralysis is when a player over-analyses a decision greatly slowing down the game on their turn.

Games with a large number of decisions or more complex decisions are more prone to cause AP. You are often receive specific rewards or bonuses for controlling certain areas.

A type of game where different players have different options, powers, and abilities. These can be as a result of being different teams, roles, or characters.

The way rules and mechanics are used in equalizing players. An unbalanced game is one where a specific player, be it by default or by a choice they make, has a clear advantage over the other players.

An overbalanced game is one where no matter what choices or actions a player makes they cannot achieve an advantageous position. A mechanic where players hide either what information they have or what their goal is.

A mechanic where players are given an option of what card to take out of a selection. Stands for collectible card game, a type of card game where you have to buy randomized packs to get cards.

A small cardboard game piece. Used for many different purposes in different games. A Co-op or Cooperative Game is a game where players work together against the mechanics of the game in order to win.

Also known as Cheat Sheets, Crib Sheets are a reference document that have a condensed summary of the rules and are used as a player-aide.

Some games come with Crib Sheets and many people create their own for games. A term, often negative, about games that heavily rely on little cube tokens as resources or people on the board.

These games often have little to no theme so people just see it as you "pushing cubes" around on the board. A type of game where players are plating from their own deck of cards but as they are playing they are also adding in more cards into their deck.

It is not a deck building game if the deck building is done separately then playing the game. A general term used for hobby board games.

Refers to games the credit their designers and not just the publisher. A game that revolves around physical skill.

Such games usually have the players manipulating game pieces in very specific ways in order to achieve victory. A type of game where you use dice from a pool to play the game, but as you are playing you are adding more dice into the pool.

Short for Dungeon Master and Game Master respectively. A person who is moderating or running the game for other players. The time you have in a game where you need to wait to do your next action.

Often this is the time in-between your turns but is not always the case. A game that's focus is around buying, selling, and investing resources or properties.

A mechanic or type of game where you build up infrastructure and resources which as the game goes on allows you to build more infrastructure or resources.

The long the game goes the easier it is to get more things more efficiently. A type of game associated with Europe or more specifically Germany. These game often have little to no luck and rely heavily on skill.

Eurogames also tend to be less thematic then Ameritrash games. Additional content released for a game that already exists, usually adding additional pieces, rules, or scenarios.

A game that is accessible to a wide age range and has a high player count. A game that can be played with a large diverse family.

The plan that a player uses in a game. Requiring gaming decisions based on long-range goals. Typically these games have a high level of abstraction and a low level of detail to depict conflict.

Such a game depicts an entire war or a major campaign. Decisions that are based primarily on current situations and short-term goals. Typically these games have a low level of abstraction and a high level of detail to simulate conflict.

Such a game depicts a battle or part of one or a skirmish. Tags are used since you can sort and select games using tags. See Tags. Abbreviation for Terrain Effect Chart.

Featured in most wargames. A chart showing the various terrain features of a wargame map and their effect on unit movement, combat, etc. Having a large number of variables for consideration and an essentially mechanical , slightly abstract , often repetitive structure [this is an almost direct quote from Sumo issue 8].

This quality is often found in German games. Thematic Game. These are games that emphasize a highly developed theme , player to player conflict, and usually feature a moderate to high level of luck.

See the Thematic Games page for more information. Gamer jargon often refers to these games as " Ameritrash ". The topic or subject matter of a game.

Having rules and mechanics based on assumptions regarding the subject matter of the game. Often considered the opposite of abstract. A game that features the placement of components onto a playing surface rather than moving components along the playing surface as the main mechanism.

Examples: Carcassonne , Samurai. The crayon rail games, like Empire Builder and Eurorails , are good examples of train games.

A card game that features players each sequentially placing a card down to make a trick, which is then awarded to one of the players.

Bridge , Spades , or Hearts are examples of this type of card game. For more information, see Trick taking. A person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community.

Generally seen as boring by players. Upgrade from GeekBadge for 50gg. All about ÜberGeekBadges. Having one or more mechanisms that are either too similar or insufficiently inter-connected, leaving a game that feels like the design was not completed.

An alternate form of a game that may involve new or modified rules or pieces. Often played to add a change of pace to a game that has gotten stale.

See expansion. Mostly used in a wargaming sense, as the situation that must be attained for a side to achieve victory.

This can involve destroying a specified number of enemy units, occupying or controlling specific locations, capturing or destroying a specific enemy unit like a king or leader , holding out for a specified number of turns, etc.

VP's can be used to allow several different victory conditions to be in the same game. Victory Points. Sometimes pronounced either "Veeps" or "Vee Pees".

Plural can be spelled VP's, VPs or just VP. Points accumulated for completing various actions which count towards victory.

Some games use the term "points" to refer to other factors--movement points, action points, etc. A game in which players put military units or military-type units in direct or indirect conflict with each other.

These types of games will often have high thematic content and a varying degree of abstraction. See also miniatures game.

Wargames are subdivided into three general scales: Strategic , Operational and Tactical. See also simulation. Usually, a light wargame that uses mechanics similar to eurogames--however, there are no distinct characteristics such as cardplay, specialized dice, miniatures, etc.

Currently controversial. See also wargame. Abbreviation of World Boardgaming Championships sponsored by BPA. A wiki is a type of website that allows the visitors themselves to easily add, remove and otherwise edit and change some available content.

For more information about the BoardGameGeek wiki go to About the BoardGameGeek Wiki. A wantlist is the list of games which you have checked as Want in Trade or Want to buy in the Item section of the User Information for a particular game.

To find items on your Wantlist which are being sold on the Marketplace in the Bazaar see: yadayada. A wishlist is the list of games which you have checked Wishlish and selected on the five options in the associated dropdown in the Item section of the User Information for a particular game.

To find items on your Wishlist which are being traded on the Trades page in the Bazaar see: yadayada. A term used to describe the game mechanic which involves a "token-based, turn-limited, locking action selection menu.

Once an action is selected, it usually cannot be selected again on that round. Often players may think of this as a supervisor deploying workers on various jobs.

A very popular game mechanic used in many recent games such as: Agricola, Caylus, Stone Age, Pillars of the Earth, etc. A property in games where all wins by one or more players are matched by losses of the other players.

The wins and losses will always add up to zero. Poker is a good example, all money won by the players was lost by other players at the table.

Most two player games are trivially zero-sum in that for one player to win, the other must lose. Abbreviation for 'Zone of Control'.

The area surrounding a unit usually each adjacent hex in which they have the ability to disrupt an enemy unit's ability to move, retreat or stay in supply.

Sometimes the term EZoC is used, meaning Enemy Zone of Control. Search: Titles Only: Index All Recent Guidelines.

Article Edit History Editors Action Page Glossary This is the main Board Game Geek BGG Glossary aka Glossary which defines terms used with the BGG website's software and BGG's.

For other definitions see also: Common Tags - Definitions of commonly used tags. BGG Glossary - Board Gamer's Glossary BG Abbreviations - List of board game acronyms.

BG Publisher Abbreviations - List of board game publisher acronyms. RPG Glossary - Role-Play Gamer's Glossary VGG Glossary - Video Gamer's Glossary VG Abbreviations - List of video game acronyms.

Table of Contents. A abstract adj. Ameritrash n. See also overanalyze area control game n. ARG n. Examples: Modern Art , Ra B BBG n. See also light betting Risking valuables usually currency in the hopes of winning more, based on the terms of the bet.

BGG n. BGG Patron n. See patron. See auction game. BPA n. See also solvable BSW Abbreviation for Brettspielwelt, a popular German website that offers real time play of many German-style games.

Some of the card terms are commonly known, such as "deal. Bid: A spoken declaration to win a specified number of tricks or points; also, to make such a declaration.

Deal: The act of portioning out the cards to the players; also, the period of play in the game between one deal and the next.

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Crossword Clues Solver Card game terminology. Card game terminology Crossword clue. SET 4 letters. VOID 5 letters. TRUMP 6 letters. UPCARD 7 letters.

Depending on the game, wild cards may be restricted to fulfilling certain roles, or may be called as anything the player wishes. For example, in Pai Gow Poker, the wild card is restricted to completing straights and flushes, and at all other times, is considered an ace; however, in most other poker games, a wild card can stand for any other card. Many individual card games have their own terms, such as Euchre (Bower, Going Alone, Order Up, March), Cribbage (Crib, Go, His Heels, His Nob, Muggins, Peg, Starter), and Poker (Blind, Check, Hole Card, Straight), so this is not an exhaustive list, but focuses on terms that are common to most card games. Ace High (or Low). Card Game Terminology A list of common Collectible Card Game (CCG) / Trading Card Game (TCG) terms and their meaning. These terms are used in contract bridge, using duplicate or rubber scoring. Some of them are also used in whist, bid whist, the obsolete game auction bridge, and other trick-taking games. This glossary supplements the Glossary of card game terms. A collectible card game. The classic example is Magic the Gathering. Chit A piece of cardboard used as a game piece, commonly found in older war games. Crib sheet A piece of paper with a summary of the game rules, intended to be used as a reference during the game. Deck A stack of playing cards. Designer game See German game. Dexterity game.
Card Game Terminology Dws Top Dividende Ausgabeaufschlag restriction is usually dropped for Limited style games. Also known as: Exhaust, Rest Origin: Magic the Gathering TCG : Trading Card Game. These act as maneuvering space.
Card Game Terminology Card games and card-playing Terms Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Excerpt: The following is a glossary of poker terms used in the card game of poker. It supplements the Glossary of card terms. Besides the terms listed here, there. The Bavarian card game of Schafkopf has such a plethora of special words, terms and phrases that it is described as a Schafkopf language (German. In order to use this soccer glossary, you'll need to know a few s Auswärtstor, goal scored in an away game rote Karte, red card (for foul).

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Card Game Terminology Light "Light" games Spielautomaten Gratis Spielen games with simple rules. A component whose purpose is to randomly select or generate something. Basic: Finesse Safety play Coups: Alcatraz coup Bath coup Belladonna coup Coup Coup en passant Crocodile coup Deschapelles coup Devil's Betphoenix Casino Loser on loser Merrimac coup Morton's fork coup Scissors coup Trump coup Vienna coup Squeezes: Backwash squeeze Cannibal squeeze Clash squeeze Compound squeeze Criss-cross squeeze Double squeeze Entry squeeze Entry-shifting squeeze Guard squeeze Knockout squeeze Non-simultaneous double squeeze Progressive squeeze Pseudo-squeeze Saturated squeeze Simple squeeze Simultaneous double squeeze Single-suit squeeze Squeeze play Stepping-stone squeeze Strip squeeze Triple squeeze Trump squeeze Vice squeeze Winkle squeeze Suit combinations: Suit combination. Heavy games are very complex and Light games are very simple. Is often used as a term for anyone Card Game Terminology plays war games. Tipico Deutschland Italien : A deck archetype that centers more around taking control of the game, preventing the other player from doing what they want. Abbreviation of World Boardgaming Championships sponsored by BPA. Thus they are commonly used in game boards especially for wargames. A term given to a game by people who think that the links between the game's theme and mechanism is weak. As known as: Mana Curve, Cost Curve See also: Resource Mill : This is a nickname for a mechanic where you cause a player to remove cards from the top of their library and place them in the Chances Casino Abbotsford. Generally means simplified instead of detailed. Dice Builder A type of game where you use dice from a pool to play the game, but as you are playing you are adding more dice into the pool. Stands for "Living Card Game". LCGs are a type of card game where full sets of cards are released on a consistent schedule and instead of buying random packs of assorted cards you buy a full set of all the cards released. Examples of this include Android: Netrunner and Warhammer Conquest. PERFECT SHUFFLE (7,7) 15 letters. TRICK-TAKING GAME (12,4) 16 letters. DECK-BUILDING GAME (13,4) 17 letters. SCHAFKOPF LANGUAGE (9,8) SHEDDING-TYPE GAMES (13,5). 9/21/ · Card Quality: The ability of your cards to influence the outcome of the game. Card Quantity: The gross number of cards that you have access to. Chump Block: To block with a creature in order to preserve your life total, even though yours will be the only creature dying in the exchange. In each hand of poker, the hole cards are the two cards dealt face down to every player. Flop The flop is the first of those three community cards. Poker Glossary.
Card Game Terminology